A is for Authenticity

Authenticity quote


As many of you know, one of my favorite "A" words is "accountability".

I have another one that is tied to it, and that is "authenticity".

What do you think of when you hear the word authentic?

I think of honest, truthful, transparent, genuine, loyal to oneself & one's purpose.

The data tells us that authenticity is critical for anyone selling anything or creating a personal brand (you ARE the product).

Millennials are the largest generation. They have college debt, mediocre salaries and trust issues. They are skeptical of institutions and brands.

That means Millennials aren’t buying.


Millennials are relentless and obsessive in their quest for authenticity.*

They're also super tech-savvy.

We live in a digital world, and researching brand authenticity has never been easier.

Why does that matter?  Here's a for-instance:

In an effort to to make yourself appear in high-demand and to generate new clients, you start a marketing campaign claiming that between your product, online class, course or program being sold-out (it's not) and being so busy taking dozens of virtual & real stages speaking (you're not), that you can barely squeeze in being a guest on a podcast anymore, something you used to do all the time. 

What happens when, in reality, you're still "secretly" showing up on multiple podcasts, which proceed to air in the weeks & months that follow your marketing claims?  The episodes you intentionally don't share on all of your social platforms because that "reality" doesn't align with the "false reality" you're trying to sell potential clients?

News Alert: Just because you don't announce it or post about it, doesn't mean that your audience and potential clients don't know about it.  As previously stated, we live in a digital world, and consumers do their research.  

Exaggeration & sensationalism are tempting marketing tactics to resort to, especially for entrepreneurs and new small business owners.

But remember, you only have one chance to build a trustworthy reputation. 

Staying authentic may slow the journey to financial success, but it will never destroy it the way breaking trust will.




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