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Podcast - Episode 11 - Interview with Lisa Bowman, Former Global Chief Marketing Officer of United Way Worldwide (Part 1)

Podcast - Episode 10 - "Successful Leaders Aren't Bullies" with Author Matt Paknis

Super special guest today ~ and one for my followers that have a passion for sports and all things football!

Matt starts off the episode quoting Mark Twain: "The two best days of your life are the day you're born and the day you find out why."

He goes on to share how it was his time working as a coach at Penn State when the Jerry Sandusky scandal broke out that really prompted him to devote his life to protecting targets of any kind of bullying.

Matt shares his very difficult childhood experiences of domestic abuse & bullying and power control abuses (his preferred term for childhood sexual abuse), all while his mother was facing stage 4 Melanoma. Her determination to pair him with the right counselor, as she fought for her own life, gave Matt a second chance and he went on to have an incredible highschool & Brown University athletic, academic and coaching experience.

It was the intervention of, and eventual trust in that counselor and his football coaches that changed his life, and how that gift gave him the drive to pay it forward.

Matt's four-part comparative breakdown of the stark differences between healthy workplace culture organizations vs. toxic workplace culture & bullying organizations (Focus, Structure, People, Leadership) is must-have information for anyone entering the work-force, questioning if they are in a toxic workplace and for everyone involved in shining a light on and exposing workplace abuse.

This episode is jam-packed, so get out your notebook and get ready for some incredible insight from this gentle giant!

ABOUT MY GUEST - Matt Paknis

Matt is a senior management consultant with six years of college football coaching and ten years of playing experience through five championship seasons whose focus is on lessening bullying in the workplace. Matt is also the author of "Successful Leaders Aren't Bullies"and his life's journey is featured in the new release "Overcoming: Lessons in Triumphing over Adversity and the Power of Our Common Humanity" by Dr. Augustus White III - the first African-American medical student at Stanford, the first black surgical resident at Yale, the first black professor of surgery at Yale, and the first black chief of service at a Harvard teaching hospital. He is professor of orthopedics and medical education at Harvard Medical School and Professor Emeritus in the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. Dr. White has pioneered the movement in U.S. and Canadian medical schools for culturally competent care and is a leading voice in the medical community’s ongoing efforts to address the significant disparities in health and healthcare suffered by African Americans and other minorities.


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Two days after reporting ethical concerns to her employer, Michelle was fired. Six months later she launched her website and this podcast as a platform for whistleblowers and victims of workplace bullying, workplace abuse, and workplace retaliation. As a writer, podcast host and speaker, Michelle helps targets of workplace bullying and harassment find their voice by leading with transparency about her own experience and writing and sharing empowering material and content on the subject.

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