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Podcast - Episode 7 Part 1 - "All Voices Will Be Heard" with Workplace Bullying Expert Linda Crockett


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October is National bullying prevention month & this week, October 18-24 is Freedom From Workplace Bullies week in the US & Workplace Bullying Awareness Week in Canada.

So in Part 1 of this Episode with Linda Crockett, I begin by sharing my personal workplace abuse experience in the nonprofit sector and how the Board of Directors failed miserably in its fiduciary responsibilities. I also share a fantastic experience I had recently on a virtual call with David Neal of The Eighth Mile Consulting in Brisbane, Australia.

Linda starts out by sharing her personal journey as a Social Worker who was, unbeknownst to her, bullied for over twenty years in multiple sectors including healthcare, nonprofit & government. She explains that it felt like she had a dark cloud hanging over her, that every time she spoke up in defense of someone or something that wasn’t right, her work life became more and more difficult until she finally moved on, only to have the same thing happen over and over again. How is that possible, you ask, for someone with 20 years of experience identifying abuse and helping others to cope with it, to not be able to see that she herself was a victim? Linda explains that painful revelation and how, in time, it sparked a fire in her soul to provide the help she couldn’t find, at a time she sorely needed it, for others. She goes on to share the work she and others did to effect change in their province of Alberta, Canada to protect victims of workplace bullying. 

Linda chose, after careful deliberation, to launch her company on her own, rather than as a non-profit entity. She literally put her life savings on the line for a cause she felt needed a platform, despite severe financial cost to herself and her family. 

Her slogan is “All Voices Will Be Heard”

Linda also defines what IS and what IS NOT considered workplace bullying and how to identify it. She also shares tips on what people should do if they suspect, or are confused, concerned, or fearful about reporting abuse. She answers the questions: 

What do targets experience? 

What do bystanders experience? 

She also shares a story about a perpetrator that she treated successfully – YES, there IS hope for some bullies!

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ABOUT MY GUEST Linda Crockett

Linda Crockett is a certified trauma therapist and social worker with 32 years of experience in her profession. After experiencing workplace bullying and receiving a diagnosis of PTSD as a result, she discovered there were no resources available to people suffering from this workplace abuse. Linda then completed her master’s degree specializing in this area and became a longstanding member of the International Association of Workplace Bullying and Harassment. She is also a proud alumnus of the Workplace Bullying Institute in the USA.

In 2010 she pioneered the first full service, workplace bullying resource centre in Canada. Linda offers services from consults to assessments, training for leaders and staff, advocacy, and coaching. On the private practise side of her business, Linda provides specialized treatment for those who are harmed, and a specialize rehab program for those doing the harming. Her philosophy is that we must provide education and treatment for all parties, or we will never fully resolve this abuse. Linda has lobbied for changes in policies, legislation, and with this now obtained in Alberta Canada, she is now working on establishing standards for investigations relating to workplace psychological harassment or psychological violence.


Website: abrc.ca

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abrc/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/workerssafety

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BullyingAlberta

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/workplace_bullying_expertise/

ABOUT THE HOST Michelle Horlbogen
Two days after reporting ethical concerns to her employer, Michelle was fired. Six months later she launched her website and podcast as a platform for whistleblowers and targets of workplace bullying and retaliation.
As a writer, podcast host and speaker, Michelle helps people who have been targets of workplace bullies find their voice by leading with transparency about her own experience, making herself accessible to them as a mentor, writing and sharing empowering material and content about workplace abuse and board accountability, as well as speaking publicly on the topic.
For partnership, collaboration, and general inquiries, please use the Contact button.

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