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Podcast - Episode 6 - Conflict Resolution and Emergency Management During Covid-19 with Dr. Bina Patel


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In this fascinating episode, I had the privilege of virtually sitting down with Dr. Bina Patel. Dr. Patel specializes in conflict resolution and organizational health, working in emergency management. She provides conflict management services to reduce workforce turnover, increase morale, and decrease costs in organizational systems - no small feat during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We discuss everything from how difficult it is to self-isolate at a time when, as human beings, we all so desperately crave the comfort of companionship, to the incredible bravery and self-sacrifice of those working on the front-lines during the pandemic. How leaders are born of adversity and why Transformational Leadership, not Traditional Top-Down Leadership, is the key to managing teams and coming out the other side of this intact.

Dr. Patel also shares a personal story of a time that she was trapped in a toxic workplace culture with toxic leadership. Her insights on what drives people who get a little bit of power, or a title, to abuse that power in an autocratic way rather than use it to help and inspire others is powerful stuff. We also discuss the breakdown of trust in organizations - citing the example of the staff walk-out at a nursing home in Riverside, CA that was in the news - and how that is a reflection of poor leadership and of an environment that was already broken, exacerbating the fear of the staff rather than quelling it.

We wrap up the episode with Dr. Patel sharing what she feels is the most important quality of a gentlewoman to emulate today - you're going to love her choice!

While the topics we discussed were on the heavy side, we still were able to find joy and laughter in the hour we spent together - something that is so critical for our mental health right now. She was a delightful, insightful, and thoughtful guest - I hope you enjoy this episode.


In addition to her work in Emergency Management, Dr. Patel has a consulting practice, Transformational Paradigms, providing leadership executive consulting to C-Suite teams on establishing healthy workplace cultures. She also provides leadership and career coaching to upcoming leaders in an organization and millennials entering the workplace. Dr. Patel is an author, public speaker, and consultant. She has published several case studies related to workplace diversity, multiculturalism and racism in the workplace, as well as female suicide terrorism. Dr. Patel's book on Female Suicide Terrorism: Understanding the Radicalization Process focuses on human behavior. She is due to publish her next book very soon. 






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As a writer, podcast host and speaker, Michelle helps people who have been targets of workplace bullies find their voice by leading with transparency about her own experience, making herself accessible to them as a mentor, writing and sharing empowering material and content about workplace abuse and board accountability, as well as speaking publicly on the topic.
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