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“An Advocacy Platform For Proper Workplace Culture” with Michelle Horlbogen of The Gentlewoman Boss

In Episode 3 of my Podcast, the tables turn and I'm the guest on Radio Entrepreneurs, located just outside of Boston in Natick, MA. Radio Entrepreneurs shares the stories of entrepreneurs in the interest of giving more exposure to innovative and fast moving companies while creating a knowledge pool for the enrichment of the entrepreneurial community around the world. Their mission is to bring real entrepreneurial stories to a wider public and to have the best audience for business radio, one listener at a time.

I was interviewed by the show's Executive Producer and absolute gentleman, Nathan Gobes. We discuss, among many other things, the importance of accountability in leadership, how critical it is for employees to feel safe and have safe channels to report issues & grievances, and how important workplace culture is in year 2020. 


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